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Jul 6, 2012

Constitutional Amendment need of the Hour for India

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Since independence, so many political, social and national reforms have taken place in India. When our constitution was framed, it was written, keeping in mind, the state of affairs then, people and society then etc. But now the situation is entirely different, day-to-day we are seeing so many instances, where there are no proper rules to regulate the crime that is taking place in today’s society. There are so many other areas, where the need to frame rules and regulations according to today’s society have been felt. It's very important that political leaders should think about some more changes for India constitution as per the need of the hour.

Constitution and political system are there to help people and protect them, and take the nation towards a progressive state; constitution is framed to suit the needs of the society, people and should act as a guideline for the entire nation. But now the situation is entirely different, there are so many instances where the rules and regulations are being misused for selfish reasons, and people are escaping punishment because of the loop holes in the entire system. Innocent people are the ones who are sufferers.

It’s high time for change in the entire judiciary system, reforms in political system and constitutional amendments, in India. Hopefully, for our society and us as a nation to progress, and we, people of our mother land, India will hopefully see all this happening, for the betterment of ourselves and our nation. For this to happen, we need to raise our voice and speak out so that the entire system and its people, who are asleep, will wake up to the call of the public and respond with positive changes for the betterment of all.


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