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Jul 19, 2012

Dairy Writing and its Necessity

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By G. Gayathri

Each and every one of us knows the importance of reports and assessments, to track the progress in our profession or in business. We would hardly imagine an organization without tracking tools and reports that show them a mirror as to what they are, and acts as guiding factor, for the tasks to accomplish. As we need reports and assessments in our professional and business life, to show whether, we are on the right track, prospering, in the same way we need a journal or a dairy for our personal life, to show us what we are, and where we are heading to.

There is a very valid reason, as to why successful leaders and great persons maintain a dairy. A dairy acts as a mirror of your life, when you put into words your days activities accomplishments, lacks if any, anything and everything that deals with your life, from the moment you wake up till you sleep at night, dairy, gives you more clarity as to how and what for you are using each and every moment of your life. A dairy shows you clearly, what is it that you have achieved or accomplished in that particular day, progress any, made as a person, may be in your life or in your thinking pattern anything.

A dairy gives a overall view of your life, as to who you are as a person, what is your thinking pattern, what are you contributing towards making better your life and the life of those around you, and who are dependent on you. You tend to have more clarity of thoughts when you put into writing your activities; you know your lacks, where you are spending your time unnecessarily and where you can divert it to achieve desired results. When you maintain dairy for a period of time and when you look back, you will clearly have an idea as to what kind of person you were yesterday, and what you are, as a person, today.

Have you become better as a human being, or as a person, then you were yesterday or may be a year back. There are even more innumerable benefits of writing a dairy, you cannot, nor for that matter, any one, can recollect all of the incidents word by word, minute to minute in life, when you put them in pen, you can look back and recollect any important and valuable lessons, that you have learnt in life, or from a person whom you came into contact that day, in your life. May be those lessons and words will help you now, or can act as a guide for you now in your life or business.

What not, a dairy acts as a friend and partner of life time, in your hard times when you put into words, all your troubles that you are facing, it lessens your burden, and makes you light at heart like a true friend, when you are happy, and you put into words your happiness it doubles your joy. If you are in a process of building your business, or professional career, put into words, whatever you are going through, during the process, in a dairy, till you reach heights, and when your big day comes just look back and flip those pages of dairies, you will feel proud of yourself, and compliment your own self for all the obstacles and temptations you have overcome, and the person that you have made yourself into. May be tomorrow, this dairy will act as a guide, for those who want to follow you, and your path of success.

So, dairy has an important role to play in each one’s life, it is a record of life time events, that not only gives an insight into our own life, but it is a treasure house of a life time lessons and wisdom. Write, recollect, rejoice, reform, and move ahead in life.


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