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Jul 24, 2012

Extra Effort Leads to Extraordinary Results

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Every one does things, at the level of their comfort, but it takes a highly ambitioned person and a person driven by passion towards his work or business, to go beyond the line of stretch. That is where the difference comes between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person. You have completed an assignment that is to be submitted at the work place, you are about to give it, but still you feel you can do something to make it even better, then you sit down put in that extra effort, to make it more worth, there that extra effort that you have put into your work is what will lead you to the roads of extraordinary person.

What differentiates ordinary people from the extraordinary ones is this extra effort they put in towards perfection and to give out and live the best, this is what differentiates extraordinary people from the rest. Doing extraordinary things and being extraordinary person is not a easy thing to do, when rest of us feel we are exhausted, and cannot stretch more at work , these are people who go beyond their stretch level and still give out their best. When you want to have extra income, when you want to have extra recognition, and when you want to stand there among few extraordinary people.

You always need to put in that extra effort in every aspect of your life, if you continue to think and act like an ordinary person, and expect extraordinary results and things happening in your life, my friend, you are day dreaming. Take example of any company or organization or person, who achieved surprising results in their field, take the example of scientists and innovators and other great persons in various fields, they all started their journey from the point where ordinary people stopped. They went beyond ordinary thinking to achieve extraordinary results and they are successful in all they do.

Not every one of us may have x-factor, but each one us can cultivate this habit of stretching that bit extra when we think we can no more, and that, is enough to mould us as extraordinary persons.


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