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Jul 14, 2012

‘Feel Good’ Factor of Business

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By G. Gayathri

“Business is above all a vehicle for achieving personal and organizational greatness. It is for accomplishing something worthy and noble. Business is an institution that can enable you to make significant contributions to society.”

Peter Koestenbaum

(Business Philosopher)

There are few people, out of so many who are doing business, who take real pride, that they are business people. When people start doing business the right way, and the good way it will be the thing that will give them contentment and sense of fulfillment at heart. Directly or indirectly, every business is contributing and playing his role, for the betterment of the society. When you as a business person concentrate on providing qualitative goods, services and products to your clients, you are contributing your part for the development of the society.

When a business person thinks of his own profits, instead of thinking about the ways he can benefit his client through his services, he is not doing justice to his role. Business is a way of helping society and its people move forward, and when you recognize this, you will concentrate more on, providing better and qualitative goods and services to clients. Doing this will not only help you have a sense of satisfaction as a person, but also take your business to greater heights.

After all business is not all about profit making, it is a part and parcel of the system that runs in the society, business is all about people, and providing them to fulfill their needs and requirements, as a business person you owe a lot to the society and its people, because of whom you exist. So it becomes our responsibility, to contribute for the betterment of the society. Each one of us, either the employees or the heads of the business, can contribute a part of their income or profits say 10%, towards charity for a purpose, for the betterment of the people of the society.

Now a days we see lot of pioneers in the business world, associating themselves for some cause of charity for the betterment of the society, The TATA’s are doing it, reliance, and many more are giving their part of profits or income for the betterment of the society that have given them so much. You necessarily need not be a pioneer in business but, if you have a responding heart, you can definitely do your part, to your level best, and contribute for society’s development.

Doing this, will not only make you better as a person, but also, increase the goodwill of your organization, and more like minded people, who appreciate your gesture, will join hands with you, this way you will be known to more number of people and you expand your business also. The people, who work for you, also take pride that they are working for an organization that thinks about society. Doing this, will enable you to retain people and they contribute more for the development and growth of the organization.

So, dear friends, think of the society, think about people, expand and your heart, and expand your business too.


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