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Jul 29, 2012

Four Tips to Improve Work Culture

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Every organization big or small has a work culture and rituals of its own, which make it stand apart from others. Work culture is what sets and drives the standards of behavior, Work culture makes employees know what is acceptable and important. Work culture lets people know about your organizations values. Work culture of your organization states your philosophy and everything else.

Competitors can copy anything your services, products, etc. but they cannot copy your work culture. So, to develop a work culture of its own is very important aspect of every organization.

  1. Appreciation: is one of the best ways to boost employee morale and performance, find some of your employees who are good at their behavior, or exemplary at work find anything that makes them deserve appreciation, and acknowledge them, appreciate them reward them in employee get together. This is a unique way of building organization culture. 
  2. Our vision: when employees know about the organizations missions its goals, and feel them as their own, will an organization achieve its goals. Make it a point to repeat your goals and vision, in all the meetings, employee get together, etc so that the vision gets imprinted in the hearts of the employees. This way there are driven and motivated inwardly to achieve goals. 
  3. Rituals: rituals help build team spirit, and gives boost to the employees to perform better, it helps increase cooperation and understanding among the employees. You may have a monthly or weekly employee get together, depending on the size of the organization. You may plan for an outing with all the employees. It may be anything that is special and is a part of your organization that helps people come together. Rituals play a very important role in building work culture. 
  4. Sharing success stories: This is very important and very positive aspect of the organization that helps in increasing employee morale and positive thinking. When the company shares, what it has done for the betterment of the society or for the betterment of the employees in any way, it increases the respect employees have towards their organization. When an employee's success story is shared in front of the other employees, it gives encouragement to others to perform better. There will be some mile stones in every organization and some inspirational people, when these incidents are shared again and again over time they have a impact of their own and very positive one which will inspire everyone to give their best and keep their organization on top.
So, building a work culture is a must for every organization that aims to be the best.


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