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Jul 21, 2012

Goal and Team

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When you are at individual level, you are the one, responsible for achieving and realizing your dreams. But when you expand your dreams to the level of organization, or business, your team is equally, and to state the fact, even more important, to realize your dreams. So the bigger your dream, the more important role your team has to play, in realizing them.

When in an organizational level, you think of realizing your goals, and achieving success, it becomes equally important, that, your goals become the goals of your team. Unless they have sense of belongingness and identify their goals with yours, it becomes highly impossible to get the best out of them. So make sure that, when you set goals at the organizational level, your team also participates, and have their word, as to how they can contribute towards the goal, or discuss constrains if any, and have a solution for it.

Once you know, what your goals are, and where do you want to see yourself, you need to assess the capabilities of the team members, to see, if they coincide with the requirement, if not you have to take steps to make improvements in the required areas, and fill in the gaps. So at every level of the organization, people, as a team, play a very significant and important role, towards achieving and realizing organizational, dreams and goals.

People, who understand this fact, encourage, help and guide each other during their journey towards achieving goals and progress together as a team. The greater and bigger your goals and dreams, the stronger your team work should be, and the greater you team members should be. So teamwork plays a very important role, when your goals and dreams are greater and bigger.


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