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Jul 3, 2012

Guru - Embodiment of God

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The Sanskrit word Guru means one who removes the darkness of ignorance, and gives you the light of knowledge. They say knowledge is everything and so the one who bestows us with knowledge the ‘Guru’ is the one equivalent to God. Sant Kabir said if God and Guru both were standing before me and if I have to bow down to one first it would be Guru because he is the one who showed me God. Such is the importance of Guru in our life.

In India the land of ancient tradition and Sanatana dharma. The prominence of Guru is well known to each individual who is born in this land, because each house hold has an idle person as a Guru to follow the path of spirituality. It would not be exaggerate to say that the tradition of Guru runs through the reigns of each individual in this country. One may belong to any religion, but there are persons in every religion, who followed the path of spirituality, and have known the path to be one with our creator.

Such persons enlighten us about the purpose of our very existence, and the goal of life. They having walked the path of God realization are capable of holding our hand and leading us to our goal, let it be, self-realization or liberation may be anything. What is it that we can offer to such persons as Guru Dakshina, it is not money, that they want, it is not the things, that such enlightened persons want. If at all there is anything that we can offer them it is, to follow the path they have laid down for us, to become what we have to, live their words, and give them heartfelt love as our gratitude.

Namaskarams at the lotus feet of all the great Gurus of the world who are spreading the light of spirituality.

Guru Poornima wishes to all : Business News This Week Team!


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