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Jul 5, 2012

Higgs boson - A Key to understand Universe?

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Higgs boson or Good Particle or the missing cornerstone of physics, whatever you may call it but the discovery made by the six thousand scientists is something that can define many mysterious persist in the world and universe.

In  a layman language, the finding of a particle that exists in matter, that took around 40 years to know its present scientifically. According to media reports, the finding will help understanding the universe and its creation. It will also decode the mystery that is centering around the 'dark matter' in the universe.

The discovery is not only help these but also help the society and the world in many ways. In the health sector, it may help find better medicines and best solutions to health ailments, as reported by media last night. And this could also help more advancement of internet and cyber-world. The discovery will be a bliss if at all it serves and implemented towards the betterment of mankind.

It is the result of the years of experiment and hard work done by the scientists across the world to find the God particle. Higgs boson is the biggest ever discovery in the world. Now the scientists are very near to decode many mysteries around the universe. 


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