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Jul 16, 2012

I shouldn't be alive: Five Things to Learn

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I shouldn't be alive is one of the most famous show on Discovery channel. I regularly watch those episodes on the television channel to know the bail out scenario of various people from various kinds of incidents. All those get out of the worse situation are the real hero in their life.

Really, their experience would be terrific while struggling for their life in a situation that is deadly. In life we need to learn five things from these stories have been featuring on the show I shouldn't be alive.

1. Life is precious: You’ll come to know that life is precious when you’re in trouble or deadly situation. Being trapped in a situation, where the chances or getting alive is almost zero. I’ve seen some people those live for 60 days or two months of time without or minimum food and water. Before being get into such situation, you can realize before hand that life if very precious, live every moment of life fully.

2. Communication: The best way to stay informed or to inform you near and dear i.e., communication. Be in touch with your near and dear, whenever you’re on adventure travel. Make them aware that the trouble can strike anytime any moment so that they would be in read to trace your in difficulties very soon. In day-to-day life too, communication with all is a good habit, anytime anything can happen to you, so communicate the other person about your going out from the work or home.

3. Don’t Underestimate: Never underestimate a small problem, which could latter take the big shape leaving you in a fizzy situation. Most of the people those got struck on such worse situation might underestimate the problem. For us to learn a thing that, never underestimate any problem in your life and never let it without solving it. Otherwise it could get you into big trouble.

4. Never Lose you Patience: People are successful in saving their from deadly situation because of their willingness to live and kept their patience and spirit high. In day-to-day life or business, it’s also applicable; never lose you patience if you’re working on a project or any work. You may fail couple of times but you will reach the destination after your many failures.

5. Fight Back: If you want to lead and win, fighting back with situation is the only way. Stories featured in the show ‘I shouldn't be alive’ represents victims fight back with the situation to win or to save their life. It’s very easy to speak but hard to follow. But if you want to win the life in a deadly situation, then you need to fight back no matter who your or where your in in the world.

These tips might be useful for the people those want to have adventure travel. And these tips will also be very useful in a person want to reach the top in business too.


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