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Jul 9, 2012

The Leader Who Had No Title: A Review

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By G. Gayathri

Robin Sharma is a world renowned writer of the book ‘Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’. He is also a person who has been sharing his thoughts and success formulas to run business effectively and successfully. He has been sharing his thoughts and guiding fortune 500 companies in the aspects of leadership.

The writer Robin’s latest work ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is one of the Gems, in this book he clearly mentions that, leadership is not meant for a few bunch of people, up there, sitting in the cabin. On the contrary, each and every human no point at what age, profession, place, position in the organization, etc., all that are not necessary for you to be a leader, and it is not necessary to have a title attached to you, for you to become a leader.

When an individual transforms himself into a leader, and when each one in the organization does this, the entire organization gets itself transformed into place filled with leaders and excellence. Likewise when each individual out there in the world becomes a leader without title, the whole world becomes a better place to live.

When you go through this book - The Leader Who Had No Title, you will know exactly as to where you are lacking in your life and in business, and doing and living like what will make you lead a life of success and fulfillment.

The other important aspect that is pretty much impressive about this book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is that, you may belong to any profession; not only in business, but in your personal life also you become better as a person when you apply these thoughts into practice. The strong point that he mentions in this book is that when you are better only as person, then only you can be better at whatever you are doing. Personal development is very important before you plan to develop your organization.

Reading this book will give you an insight into as to what and how you can lead your life like ‘The Leader who had No Title’ and I am sure no person will be the same after reading this book, either in person or in business. He will surely become a person exemplary.

Thank you, Robin, for such a life changing work.

Editor’s Note: The book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is reviewed by the author G. Gayathri, a freelance writer, thoughts expressed in the review are of the author.


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