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Jul 17, 2012

No Problems - No Progress

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We all face problems in our day to day life let it be personal or professional, but some sort of problem we are have faced, at some point or the other. The general way of looking at a problem, is like a problem, but, the truth is, behind every problem, there is a scope of progress, growth and development.

When ever we face a problem, let it be, at the organizational level, or at personal level, it shows the areas, where we need to make changes and improvements, and please make sure that whenever you are trying to avoid problem, you are also missing out on the development and growth that comes along with it.

When ever you face a situation and you fell like it is problem, just try to figure out the root cause, lack of what or presence of what is causing the problem, and what steps you can take, so that the problem will not arise again. Whenever you face a problem first and foremost thing you need to do is, don’t look at it from the angle of a problem, instead, think of it as an opportunity to improvise on those areas, where you lack, may be at personal level or organizational level, and take necessary steps for improvements on those areas.

If ill health or disease is your problem, it shows that you need to pay attention to your life style and be more disciplined and committed towards good health. Every problem is a warning for us, to wake up to the realities of life. If we take it in the right sense, we will progress and grow in life. So the more the problems, in the more areas of your life and organization, the sooner you will wake up to the realities, and improve yourself for betterment.

So, dear friend, be grateful to problems, because problems, are ones that dig out and polish the best side of you. Problems educate you, make you wise as a person, help you grow, help you understand others and yourself better. The moment you understand all these aspects associated with what we think as problems, there will no more be problems, only challenges that we need to overcome, and improvements we need to make.

Replace the word ‘problem’ with ‘progress’ and see, how you progress in life.


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