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Jul 28, 2012

Parental Guidelines

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Along with personal goals and ambitions, is equally and more important role that we play as a parent. It is for the future of the family and the kids that we love so much, we have our dreams, to see them well off, we can we give them our property, but to see them as well behaved and good humans, we need to give our time.

Here are some simple guidelines that can enhance our role as parents:

Always encourage your children to give their best in everything, don’t ever tell them, that this is not possible. Encourage them to be big dreamers.

Children learn more by observing, when you teach them something and do something else yourself, then know, so walk your talk, and check yourself before asking them to do anything or not to do anything.

The more important role that we play as a parent is to be their mentor, we are the ones who are responsible to shape them, as proper human beings, and we are accountable to them for their future, so just don’t take your role for granted, you have the future of a person, another human beings life, in your hands.

Children see and know the world through the eyes of a parent, so we need to be very careful about what we teach them, what kind of view; we are giving them, of the world, and the persons around. To do all this we should be in the right track and should be living what we are teaching them, let it be by our behavior or otherwise.

So, to develop and evolve ourselves to be a better person and human being is very important for us to be better parents, because our children are our reflections.


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