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Jul 13, 2012

Personal Growth depends on Encouragement

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By Jyoti Parida

In our busy day-to-day life everybody is running towards the ladder of growth. Everybody wants success in their life and busy in doing their job. But have any body has thought, somewhere personal growth is depending on the encouragement. How it is attached with your personal growth that you can feel or know when you go a step ahead and ahead on the growth ladder.

Personal growth is something that is building up inside yourself at the time when you are born. You are slowly growing up and trying to know the surrounding in which you are. When the senses in your mind develops, than you are trying to understand slowly the good and bad that are happening in your surrounding.

Everybody’s life has ups and down. And this is how a journey begins with. But the real fact of this journey is whether anybody wants it or not, but he/ she has to accept the journey of thorns than only they can get a beautiful rose. Whenever we do a work and if it is good and appreciated by somebody than it gives us the enthusiasm to work on it. The more we work on it the more appreciation we gets.

From here the journey of personal growth and encouragement starts. And after every new work we eagerly wait for the encouragement from our elders or from our boss. But here I want to say one thing that if you get a bad appreciation for your work than don’t get depressed, think that these are thorns of the journey and always try to learn from the mistakes. In this journey, there come two paths to reach the destination.

Now the vital time in your life comes, when you only you have to decide to choose the right path for your future. There may be your parents or elders to encourage you, but still then there should be a good sense inside you to choose the right path. Now the right path will take you towards the brightness of the sun and the wrong ones will take you towards the darkness. Its up to you that which path do you want to choose for your bright and right future.

For a better future there should be a right person to encourage the good qualities present in you. Than only one can climb properly the growth ladder. The path of this growth ladder is full of thorns and it is not so easy to climb. So every person should have or get a right mentor to guide or encourage your abilities, to get success in life. And I want to salute to all those persons who are behind every successful man/ woman. Without them a common man/woman cannot come forward to show their abilities to this world.


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