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Jul 10, 2012

Service Important Aspect of Business

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Every person successful in business knows that the job of a good business man or an organization does not end with selling products and services. The most important part of the business starts here i. e. providing after sales services, and attending to the complaints and other issues related to provided services and products. This is the most important and yet most neglected aspect in business.

Once when a product or service is given to a customer and if for any reason he comes back with a request or query, it should be taken care of and attended at the earliest possible. Customers, or the people who take products and services from you are also humans, once when they feel that their needs are being taken care of, they feel that, they mean to you, and they are important to you, they come back only to you next time for more business.

But when a customer becomes dissatisfied by the way you treat them and you attend to their needs and query’s, they feel neglected and don’t get back to you. More over whey they have a chance to speak about your products and services, they reveal their bitter experiences; this in turn creates a negative impact about you and you organization in the market and has its direct effect on your sales.

So the essence is, every customer that comes to you, with a problem about the service or product offered, or regarding query, may be anything, is keeping before you a choice by the way you attend to him, either to increase your business or decrease your business. A satisfied customer tells many others about you and you have more volume of business generated. And equally a dissatisfied customer tells other and you have your sales going down. So don’t see any individual as an individual, he is capable of making you climb the ladder of profit, and equally of pulling you down.

So in any field of business, the kind of relation you keep with your customer or client, and the kind of importance you give to each and every one of them is very very important. So, next time when you have a chance to provide service or attend to a customer’s query, don’t see it as a threat, instead, take it as an opportunity to build good will and good relation with them. This will help you not to just survive in business but to build empires. At the end all we need to remember is that we are dependent on customers and clients for our survival and they are our priority, so don’t ever dare to neglect even a customer, because the moment you do it, you stand nowhere.


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