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Jul 7, 2012

Seven Tips for Standing Life

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By G. Gayathri

There are a few good practices, that we can follow, each day of our life, doing which, we can lead a healthy, happy and positive life.

1) Exercise: First and foremost exercise daily, doing the right kind of exercises is very important, because there are different kinds of exercises that one needs, as per his body needs, the food he takes, physical condition and the work he does. So make sure you consult a right person, who can suggest you what kind of exercises help you better.

2) Drink Water: Drinking lots of water is very important, most of us think that food is more important for us to survive, but the reality is we need more water content to keep our system clean and to help it function properly. To lead a healthy life it is quiet important for us to take sufficient amount of water every day.

3) Reading Books: Spend some time every day, at least one hour reading books relating to the life of great people and leaders who are pioneers and inspiration to many others, they may belong to any field. Reading about the life of great leaders and people, gives us an insight, as to how we should live and lead our life.

4) Self Assessment: Take time for yourself, and do your own self assessment, as to how you are leading your life? how you are making your self better each day as a person, what are the areas you need to change for betterment, etc

5) Get up Early: Make it a habit to rise before sunrise, or atleast by 5 a.m. take a walk, enjoy the nature and fill your lungs with fresh oxygen.

6) Limit your food: Taking food in limit is very important, to maintain good health, food intake should be in proportion to the work you do, it is also very important to take fresh food instead of frozen. To maintain the time, is a fact that should not be neglected. Taking food in odd times effects the digestive system and has it’s ill effects on the body in long run.

7) Check your Input: What you take as food has it effect on body, like wise what you think, what you read and what you see, has its effect on mind and heart so be very careful to choose to see, read, and think positive and good things, that will mould you into a better human.


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