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Jul 22, 2012

‘Success’ Handle with Care

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It takes huge guts, unfailing patience, and loads of will power, to make your way up, to the success. But, a small slip from there, and then you are back again on the ground, starting all over again. Success is also like this, it is very hard to achieve the heights, but it is even more difficult to retain your position up there. The good news is that, you will not ever slip down until you remember your basics, and those principles, which were the foundation for your success.

Usually success brings along with it, inefficiency, negligent attitude, arrogance and a sort of thinking, where in, we take things for granted. When we are successful in business or in the profession we are into, we forget the very basics that brought us to this stage. We stop working hard, focus less on new ideas and we tend to take no more risks. There and that kind of attitude becomes the foundation for our downfall.

The more, we become successful as a person, and as an organization, the more humble and committed we should be, towards the very people, who are responsible for our success. They may be your clients or someone else. You should show the same level of commitment, efficiency, and levels of improvement, should never get down. Instead you should show more improvement in all areas, at the organizational level and at the personal level, to keep the bars of standards high.

Take care of these aspects, and you will always be up there, enjoying the fruits of success.


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