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Jul 31, 2012

Time defines Life!

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Our life, and our future is determined by the way we spend our time, every second every minute, every hour and every day, we are laying foundation for our future, by our thoughts and deeds. People who are wise use time wisely and properly, they say time is money but I say time is everything; time is your life, your life time, every second of your life when it's gone, it's gone forever, you are not going to gain it.

Time is the most important of all the resources that a man possesses. A millionaire has the same time, other person on the street has the same time, and an ordinary person is blessed with the same capabilities, as that of a successful and great person. The difference lies in the utilization of the resources we are provided with, how and what for we utilize our time determines our future, and our life.

When you are leading a planned and purposeful life utilizing every second and every resource and every capability you are blessed with, you give a meaning to your life. So be careful about the way you handle time.


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