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Jul 15, 2012

Who are Successful People?

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Not easy, is the road to success, because, few have the guts, and the patience that it takes to climb up there, where few ever dare to. There is nothing wrong, in being successful and it should be a matter of proud, as long as you help others in your journey up there.

Successful people are real leaders are among those few, who gave sweat and blood, and with stood many difficulties, and made themselves strong, more capable and more deserving for whatever they are tasting now in life. They are the ones who have shown others the way, to live life the way it has to be. When most us were asleep, they were awake, shaping their future. When most us were spending our time in leisure, they are ones who have spent their time, to learn and to grow themselves into a better person.

When most of us are in our own comfort zone, they are the ones, who took a chance came out of their comfort zone, faced the challenges and overcame them. When we were losing our will to temptations, they are the ones who have learnt to overcome temptations. When all of us were choosing the most common path, they were the ones who could dare enough to take a path that was beyond our imagination.

So, to be successful and to grow ourselves to a position where we are capable of leading others is a matter of proud. But here too they show their greatness, when most of us, feel too proud of our silly, little achievements, and have our feet up in the air, they, having accomplished everything, and having everything, still, are ones, who treat everyone with respect and are the most humble beings.

Dream to be a successful person in your chosen field, do all it takes to be successful person, have a sense of pride that you are successful, and help others to be successful, because that is real success.


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