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Jul 25, 2012

Work Atmosphere: Its Affects on The Organization

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Work, has become a more serious business today, than it has been ever before, I will not be wrong if I say, that it is hard to find, a smiling face at work. The best performing organizations are those where people are happy and laughing and simultaneously giving out their best. Work place where people feel at ease, and happy, is a place, where you find great team work, more creativity, and more productivity.

It has been proved time and again that when people are relaxed, and encouraged, they become more productive and qualitative at work. When people who work together spend time together and have some fun and share lighter moments, they come close as human beings. And this increases understanding about each other better. People become more cooperative when they know each other, and encourage each other, to be more productive and qualitative at work and this become a great foundation to form a great team and great team work.

No one likes to work in a place where, people don’t look and smile at each other, and everyone is thinking about their own growth not bothering about the other person. So relations between the peers and teammates in an organization have a greater role to play, in the overall work atmosphere of the organization. The better and more encouraging the work place and work atmosphere, the greater the organization and greater the progress of the organization and its people make.

Every organization and almost all big ones have a work culture of their own, and they have their own little and big ways of creating a better work place and atmosphere. People who are spending money for employee get together, and are organizing other events to build team spirit are not fools, when they are doing so. These are the people who know the importance of relationships between peers and the effect that work atmosphere has got on the performance of the individual. So to give importance and to shape the work atmosphere as the one, where people work together, laugh together, and move towards the path of progress together, is every ones responsibility. The healthier the work atmosphere the healthier your growth charts.


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