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Jul 6, 2012

Your Life is Your Choice

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In the creation of God, all the creatures except for human being, no one has a power to choose how his life will be, such is the importance of the gift, that we have got, the gift to choose how we want our life to be. All animals live a routine and fixed life; they have no choice what so ever to do with their life, they simply follow nature from the moment of birth till death.

Human life is entirely a matter of choice, from the moment we recognize and gain our identity, I ness and my ness starts. Right from the clothes we wear, to place we live, the way we lead our lives, the people we move along, each and every moment of our life we are surrounded by choices, choices and choices. Most of us tend to think that it is difficult or a problem arises when we are left with no choice, but the truth is contrary, when we have so many things to choose and so many choices to make in life, we get confused and easily get mislead.

It takes really a wise person and a person of wisdom to make right choices in life. Let it be the question of choosing profession, education, friends and even life partner. We must be extremely cautious about the choices we make, sometimes you need to use to your head and at other times heart. Where and when we use these things again depends on our wisdom. The things to be taken care of while making a choice is, you should have complete knowledge of the thing or the person or the situation you choose to most extent at least, after that you should be able to analyze the effects and consequences of the choices you make. And once having made the choice you should not look back, and go along with the positive aspects. That makes your life easy.

You can choose to eat healthy and live healthy, you can choose to read and see good and make your life good, you can choose to be surrounded by happy and successful and will become so. So in essence what you choose each second will determine your life. Choose wise and live wise.


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