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Jul 11, 2012

Your Thoughts Shape Your Future

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‘As a man thinketh so he becomes’ is an axiom, that holds true to each human beings life. Humans are the only creatures that are blessed with the power to think. Mahatma Gandhi said ‘A man is but a product of thoughts’. Thoughts are the determining factors of our life; we can either use them constructively, for our own progress, or lose control over them and allow our life to get ruined. Most of us have a feeling that we have no control over our thoughts, but it is as easy to have control over them, once you have a check on them.

If we observe carefully, our life is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts, or to put it in a better way, our thoughts are the ones that shape our life. There are some actions that take place in the body without us having to control them, like breathing etc. There are others, which we think first, and then transform them into action. But every act almost most of them, have their first origin as thought and then get transformed into action. And it is our actions that determine our life.

Our minds are similar to computers; we all have different kinds of soft wares installed in our minds, that are different kind of thoughts or thinking patterns, in our minds. You install different kinds of soft wares to perform different kinds of activities. Likewise we need to adapt the kind of thinking process or thoughts, to achieve different kind of results. If you want to be successful and happy, you need to have thoughts that coincide with them, if you want to be rich; your thoughts should be like that of a rich person. If you want to be a pioneer or a topper in your field, your thoughts should be like the one.

So, first determine what you want to be, how you want to be, then check your thoughts, if your thoughts coincide with the kind of results you want to produce well and good if not you to re install and replace your software, with the kind of output you want. As simple as that, once you know, how you can shape your thoughts to help you achieve your goals, believe me my friend the whole world is yours. Because ‘Thoughts determine actions, and actions determine your life’ so, have a check on your thoughts, to have a check on your life.


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