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Aug 16, 2012

Advertising Helps Product Sale in Rural Market

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Yes, advertising does help, product sale in rural market. In the urban areas people are more educated and exposed to wider environment, and have enough knowledge, to choose the right kind of product, that meets their needs and requirement. But, when it comes to rural market, the situation is entirely different, here people have less exposure and has few choices what so ever to make; they usually prefer to stick to traditional things or the ones they have been using all along. When you advertise here, you are making them aware, of the choices they have, and are exposing them to new things, better and upgraded products.

Advertising is a process where in you give knowledge, about a product, its usefulness and its advantages, to a customer and give him a choice to choose the better one. So when you advertise in a rural place, where people have less product knowledge, and know even less about the benefit of using a particular product, you are creating a big market for your product. All that you need to take care is that, you are reaching them by the right means, at the right time.

There was a time when only, big business people, or people who are in important and key posts used cell phones, but now, you see a person working in fields, a farmer, a person working for daily wages, or as a labor, carrying cell phone, you ask him, why does he need it, he will give you thousand one reasons and advantages of using cell phone. That is the power and potential of advertising, a person who is illiterate, and has no bigger cause to claim the usage of cell phone, still uses it, maybe, just to listen to songs, or for a sense of pride that he also has one cell phone. That is the worth of rightly promoted ads. This example is enough to show that, advertising does help product sales in rural market.

Times are changing at a rapid pace, and along with that the thinking pattern of the people is also changing, television has a huge influence, on the people in the rural areas, and it is the very means that they educate themselves, about the ways and means things work out in urban areas. Through t. v. they know everything, and they are exposed to the various choices they have. So, rural market has a huge potential, if tapped properly through proper means of advertising.


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