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Aug 22, 2012

Agriculture in India: Now And Then

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India is an agricultural country, and its main source of revenue is derived from agriculture, with the effects of rapid industrialization and boom in IT sector, the focus has shifted from, agriculture, to industries, IT and ITES sector. Agriculture was the financial back bone of India. But sadly, due to the negligence of the field, and all other factors, now, agriculture and the farmer are in a very pitiable state.

Those were the days, when chemicals and fertilizers, were never heard of being used in agriculture and in cultivation, People followed, traditional methods for cultivation, and they were able to get sufficient yield. There was no shortage of seeds fertilizers, people used to make their own seeds and fertilizers. But, sadly as the dependence on fertilizers and chemicals started, and farmers started depending on government for the supply of seeds, there is lot of havoc in the agricultural field, and we can see farmers coming out on streets to protest the shortage fertilizers and seeds. The retailers and wholesalers who supply seeds and fertilizers have also started exploiting the farmer in many ways, by supplying them with, duplicate products.

When all the supply is available, whether will not be good, and when whether and supply of other needed things is ok, they is no sufficient money to purchase, seeds and fertilizers, or there are, problems of loans and interest, farmers life has really become, very, very pitiable, and if farmers are committing suicide no wonder, their lives have become so. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing more agricultural lands are being sold away to real estate people, and agricultural lands are getting converted to residential plots. When people follow traditional and natural methods for developing fertilizers, there is no harm to the cultivated land, but when people use chemicals and pesticides, the essence of the field or the land gets destroyed and the land becomes, infertile, gradually. Not only this when they on their own make arrangements for fertilizers and seeds, they are not dependent on others for supply.

Following scientific methods for cultivation, is not bad, as long as you are taking care of long term benefits. When one follows scientific methods of cultivation, they have to follow it fully and should be aware if they can access all the facilities such as, soil testing, guidance of agricultural authorities right from sowing seeds till they cut the crop, if all these things are there it is best to follow scientific methods under able guidance and get good yield.

But where these facilities are hardly available it is always best to rely on traditional and time tested methods, for growing crops organically, or chemical free environment, there are many voluntary organization now a days, training farmers on the methods and benefits of following the path of organic growth of crops. There is also great demand for the organically grown crops, as the people are getting aware of its health benefits. So, making a right choice by the farmer is very important, for him to get a good yield and to have a good life, and it is also the responsibility of the government and other Ngos to extent their part of support, and to empower farmer with the required knowledge, in this matter. Then again we will be able to see fertile India and green India.


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