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Aug 12, 2012

Anything to Learn from Power Failure?

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It has become natural, that we don’t value the things we have, and when we have scarcity, we start on practices to preserve those resources which we are left with. But sadly till then it has been too late to do anything, the key point is, we have to learn to use electricity with a sense of social responsibility. When we waste electricity, it should come to our mind immediately that, what I am wasting now, will be useful to another person, another region or another state. The states are interdependent on each other for electricity, when one state has shortage, it takes electricity from other region or state, when there is no production in the plant somewhere in other place or state, there will be no electricity here and vice versa.

We have to evolve ourselves from the thinking of I, and my, what will happen if I alone start thinking like this, there are so many who are wasting electricity? The governments don’t have foresight, they don’t plan for crises. We are at a place, where we are now, because of this kind of thinking. We, each one of us, should take responsibility of our own house, working place, or where ever we live and reside and see that neither we waste electricity, or we allow others to do so. When each of us develops this kind of thinking, there will be no wastage, and there will be no shortage.

The governments should, on the other hand, take steps and do evaluation on a regular basis to see if the supply is equal to demand. Not, when there is shortage, but before hand, they should have crisis plans and alternatives listed so that they will not have to face a situation like now. Planning should be there for years to come what will be the requirement for tomorrow, next year, coming years, are the production units sufficient, if not how can we have more, production, what are the alternatives. All these things should be planned, fore hand and people should be made aware of the importance of using electricity more carefully and preciously.

The responsibility lies on both the government and people, we as people should see to it that we don’t waste electricity and use it when and where necessary, and governments on the other hand should take steps to increase production in ratio with supply and should plan for alternatives, in case of emergencies and crises. Said and done all this, there will never be shortage of electricity or anything else.


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