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Aug 2, 2012

Business Policy: Give and Take

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If you feel, you lack something in life, believe me, you are not giving to others, what you most want to receive. Life’s principle is simple and straight, Give and take, if you want more love in your life give unconditional love to everyone, if it is money that you want in your life, feel happy, when you have a chance to give money to someone, when you are purchasing a product spending money feel happy about the services or the benefit you are going to receive from the product, when you are paying money for the services you received, be thankful to the person, who gave you services and feel happy to pay him.

If you want more respect to come to your life, start giving respect to others, what you give, comes back to you in many folds, if you want encouragement, give encouragement to whom so ever you can. If it is happiness that you lack in life try to make someone happy, as far as possible try that whom so ever person comes to you in contact leaves you, happier than he had come to you. Don’t ever think and wait that when you have plenty, and only when you receive something you will give it to others, it always works the other way round.

So, go ahead and start living the principle, to believe its outcome.


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