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Aug 1, 2012

Challenges Reveal Genius

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Every one of us is faced with challenges, in life either at personal level or at the professional level. Sometimes we get sick facing enough challenges that we tend to think enough, no more. But there is one very big advantage with the challenges; it is that when we are faced with a challenge it brings out our inner capabilities, and makes us aware of the potential we have.

A person if left alone on a jungle, if he happens, to face a tiger, runs miles and miles to save his life, he might be a kind of person who would never walk even to the end of the street where he lives, but now if he is running miles, it is because, he is faced with a challenge. So if we look at the other perspective, we realize that challenges make us better, and prosper. So, the more challenges we face in life the better we become as a person and grow in life.


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