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Aug 14, 2012

How To Retain And Increase Clients In Business?

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A good and strong client base is the backbone of any business. Clients are the very reason, because of whom, the business exists, let it be of any sort. Such is the importance of clients in any business organization. To have good relation with such clients is even more important for any business to run properly and to prosper.

Client needs: It is the need of the client that forms the basis of relationship, between any business organization and the client himself, as long as we keep our eyes open to the necessities and requirements of the clients, and can imagine ourselves in their shoes and have a sight to visualize their needs and requirements, we can be sure to have a good relation with clients.

Quality: Quality of work or service provided or product, let it be anything, but maintaining the quality standards is very important in business, one should always try to provide the promised level of service, or product to the client, as this gives an impression to the client about you and your organization, and becomes the basis on which, he decides to come back to you or not.

Promptness in service: whenever a client comes back to you with a complaint or a request, we should respond immediately, and should do whatever necessary, when one responds or attends to clients requests or complaint immediately, it conveys a message to the client, that he is important to you, and you value him, and so he comes back to you whenever he needs your service, and speaks good about you and your company to the other people, this way you increase your clients.

Time factor: It is not sufficient that we provide quality services, but quality services provided on time are what matter most. Always make sure that you provide on time services to your clients and see to it that you keep up your word. Excuses, what so ever, will not fulfill the loss if you don’t deliver goods or services on the promised time to your client. Never think that it is a matter of one time, if you are not able to provide promised services or goods on time, it is enough to destroy his faith on you and your organization. And you may lose a valuable client for a lifetime.

Give time to your client: Whenever a client calls you, or comes to you, for any reason, make sure that you attend to him first, if it is not possible, make sure he is attended to, and just keep him informed about the reasons. When you meet your client, don’t just give your ears to him, listen to him, when you listen to him, you make him feel you are concerned about him and value him. This is very important for a good relation with the clients.


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