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Aug 28, 2012

Should home work be banned?

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There is definitely a genuine reason behind, giving home work, and that is to allow the student, revise the subject that is taught in the school, and to allow him to practice, by writing or reading, so that, the student can hold a grip on the subject that is thought by the teachers, this way they are given a chance to contemplate and to understand the subject they are being thought, its purpose is definitely good, and to benefit the student.

But, anything in excess is definitely not good, as it is now a day’s, students have a very tight schedule, it will not be a joke if we say that, students are there at the home, during the night, only to have food and sleep, otherwise rest of the time, they spend, either in school or in tuitions or in extracurricular activities, on top of all this the load of home work is definitely a burden on the student. In this way, home work, instead of helping student to understand and to remember the subject, because of all the other activities, becomes one more burdensome activity, nothing more.

So, if home work is given, keeping in view the activities of the child, and the number of study hours he is spending, and all other factors, so that it will not be a burden, then definitely, home work is a beneficial activity, otherwise, it is best to ban it, when it does not survive its purpose.


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