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Aug 4, 2012

Should Managers Be Good Technical Personnel?

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You can inspect, and correct, only those things, which you are aware of, and you have knowledge and experience. So it is very much necessary that a manager handling a responsible post should have his hands on technical aspects.

Only when he has experience on the work, his personnel are doing, will he be able to know what they are doing, if they are doing it right way, or not, only when he has practical knowledge, will he be able to correct them and give them the right direction.

If the manager has good technical skills, he can be a good at trouble shooting, and taking necessary rectification steps.

If the manager is good at technical aspects he can guide the persons under him, as well as the company he is working for, he can suggest improvements to both sides, the peers and people working under him, so that they improve their skills, and in this way when an employee of an organization improves the organization also improves its productivity and its quality.

On the contrary, if the manager is not aware, of any of the technical aspects, it is very much easy for other people, people working under him especially, to mislead him.

There are very much chances of mis utilizing resources etc. This way the company or the organization for which the manager is working incurs great amount of loss, not only in monetary terms, but also the company’s good will also be at the stake.

If the manager is not aware of the technical skills he cannot look after the production quality, and as a result quality of production and quantity of production suffer, and when this happens the company’s reputation suffers.

So, as a teacher should have knowledge himself first, before, he can impart it to students, it is very much necessary for a manger to have his hands on technical aspects relating to his work, if he wants to justice to the post he is handling.

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