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Aug 3, 2012

Tackle a Difficulty Boldly

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The things and practices that are best for us are always difficult to practice, early to raise good for health, but difficult to practice, eating nutritious food and in limit is good for health, but difficult to practice. The more you want to accomplish in life the more you need to sacrifice in your life, in life nothing comes for nothing, you need to forgo one thing if you want to gain the other.

To stand for what you believe is truth and right, is difficult but best to do. When the whole world opposes you, to stick to your principles and believes, is very difficult to practice, but is best to do. To set for yourself, great goals and tasks, and to accomplish them, is a difficult task, but is best. If you observe carefully, the things, we think, are difficult, to do, are the very things, which are best for us in life.

So, next time you come across a situation in your life where you think, something is difficult to do or to put into habit, just wait a second and think, may be, it is the best thing for you.


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