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Aug 4, 2012

Traveling- a journey to give and take

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 By Jyoti Parida

We are living in the most beautiful planet called “Earth”. If anybody will start explaining about this beautiful planet then he/she can never end the topic because of its vast and diversified geography. So we are so lucky that we have got a chance to see and know this beautiful planet, and by traveling this can be possible. Traveling the most beautiful experience in life because the more number of times we go to travel, the more we discover this world. But in this busy and expensive day-to-day life we can save very little time and money for our vacations. So within the limited money and time we have to reach our destination and again come back. So every thing should be done in a very planned way otherwise our journey will be of no use.

But one thing that always comes in mind is, while traveling, everybody is interested in taking full utilization of money and time. But has anybody ever thought, if nature will also think like us and will give that much only for which it is being paid, then the whole scenario will be different. Now the question arises is that, can anybody is able to pay the actual rate for the precious natural treasures? I think no the natural treasure is priceless. So the money we are paying to see a particular place is not the rate for seeing, but it is a very small amount being kept for the maintenance of natural treasures.

I want to raise another point while we are on a travel that is and also sometimes we don’t obey the rules of traffic. Whenever we go for a travel we use our vehicles for our convenience. While we are traveling there are traffic signals on our way to protect ourselves from the accidents. But some people are there who are always in a hurry, and in hurry they always break the rules and face the accidents. But one thing I want to say is the meaning of HURRY that is “Hurdles you are raising yourself” isn’t it. There is another big mistake that we do on the traffic signals is the wastage of fuel. In the signals we always used to keep our vehicles on a start mode and keep on gossiping with our friends or relatives. The timing on the big signals is mostly around 1-2 minutes. But there nobody wants to think of the fuel rather they think that they are buying it so they can do what ever they like, and some people are there they think that who will again start the vehicle so leave it as it is. Nobody has given the right to us for misusing our natural resource, than why the same mistake is being repeated by everybody.

When ever you go to see new places of this world then we are only taking and enjoying the beauty but we are not giving anything to this world. So from the next time when ever you go for a travel try to give this beautiful nature some beautiful gifts like planting a tree, don’t misuse natural resource and many more. Then only your journey will be a worthy journey.


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