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Aug 18, 2012

Who is a Real Business Man?

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If we go back to the roots of business, we will know that business, is a medium of providing services to the people, If practiced in a real sense, business is not a profit making system, profit does come when you are into business, but that is not the sole motto and that should not also be the, sole purpose for establishing or starting a business. As rest all systems, business is also, a part of society’s functional and essential system, for it to run properly.

The main purpose of a business establishment should be to provide qualitative and then qualitative services to the people of the society. People put in their faith and trust in us, when they come to us for services or for products. We should keep up their faith and trust in us and provide them with qualitative services or products. If now a day’s business people are looked down, it is only because of the corrupt practices, which have become, quite natural and normal, in most of the business establishments.

The only thing that comes to mind, when we talk of any business, would be only profit profit, and profit. The thought of society, the good we are going to do, to the society, the good we are going to do, to the people of the society, through our goods or services, these are the things that should inspire us to start a business establishment, but not just profit making. It is the duty of the, business people to help people, in whatever way they can, when some perils occur, or some huge loss occurs to the people of the society. Even in normal situations, they should regularly contribute some present of their profit or income or the betterment of the people and for the society.

Big companies like, Reliance, Tata, and people like Bill Gates have contributed a great deal of their fortune, for the betterment of the people of the society. Every business person should feel, a sense of social responsibility, and should give or do something in return to the people and to the society that is responsible for his growth. Every person need not be another Bill Gates, or Tata, to contribute, if your are making a profit of 100 Rs. You can keep aside at least 10%, or whatever you can, towards contributing for a better cause, or you can by yourself, spend that money for some good work or cause.

Leave alone all the talk of, charity, and good, f we are not able to do this, no problem, but there is definitely one thing that we can do, and that is, to provide, quality services and products, to the people. If we can at least do this much, society will be better and business will become better. When each business person, thinks like this, they will become the most respected people in the society. Not for their fortune or for their riches. But for their goodness, and humanity.


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