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Aug 18, 2012

Women Icon from Taiwan

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Chen Shu Chu, 60 year old, simple lady, a vegetable seller from Taiwan, is an exemplary woman. Chen lost her mother when she was 10 yrs. Old, her mother was taken to hospital for delivery, but, could not get her operated, as there was no enough money, and before they could do anything, they lost her. After this incident Chen stopped going to school and started assisting her father in selling vegetables. When she was 18 her younger brother fell sick, and he was treated for a year, till then, they have spent everything that they have earnt and saved, to save his life, but he needed to be taken to another big hospital for treatment and to save life, but there was no money, so Chen lost her brother also. She assisted her father in raising, the rest 7 children, took care of them in every manner, and when they became young, she got them married.

She took the entire responsibility of the family, got everyone married, but she did marry. The fact that she had to lose her mother and brother, only because, they had no money for treatment and they were poor, was deep rooted in her heart, and she wanted to devote the rest of her life and the earnings she made, by selling vegetables, for the benefit of the orphans and poor. She starts working from early morning 3 a. m to 8 p. m. Day through she sells vegetables, for lesser prices, when compared to others in the market, so more people come to her and buy vegetables from her, out of whatever she earns, she keeps only 100 Taiwan dollars, to meet her minimum necessities and keeps aside rest for charity. Out of the money she saved like this she donated, 16lks. To Buddhist monks for charity towards their welfare, in remembrance of her father, when he died. She also contributed 50lks. To build two floors of library, with all latest facilities, as she wanted, that no one should stop studying like her, because of poverty. She also undertook the responsibility of bringing up three orphans and contributed 36 thousand Taiwan dollars towards the same.

She has been listed as one of the hundred influential donors in the world, for the year 2010 by The Times Magazine. She has also been listed in the great 48 donors list for the Asia Pacific region, by Forbes Magazine. These rewards and listings are too small, in front of the big heart that she has, and for all the good things that she is doing and planning to do.

She should be a source of inspiration, and role model, for each and every one of us. Each of us, is in far better position financially and other wise, but, never, ever, do we think of charity or, contributing money for a good cause. Chen Shu Chu, is a role model and living example in front of us in today’s times, when, even if we have to give 10 rs. to some one, we think ten times either to give or not, or we think we don’t have enough to give anything to anyone, or there are other good people like her, in the world to do those kind of things. We should learn from her that to do good and contribute for the betterment of the society, all you need to have is a great heart and compassionate heart, you may lead a life of simpleton, but you can contribute fortune to the betterment of the people. Hats off to you, Great Lady, Chen Shu Chu.


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