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Sep 12, 2012

Are Indians less Quality Conscious?

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Instead of saying that Indians are less quality conscious, it would be better to say, Indians are more rupee or money conscious. Poor Indians, really poor in economic sense and financial sense, what else they can do, ever increasing inflation, standard of living and hike in prices everywhere in all fields and areas, these are the factors that are compelling the common man, to compromise on quality, and to give importance to price tag, instead of brand.

I mean, who would not love to have qualitative things and use them, if there are available at affordable prices in the market, it is wrong to say that Indians are less quality conscious. If denim jeans would be sold at, Rs. 300 or Rs. 200, instead of Rs. 3000 or Rs. 50000 plus, every person on the street would be wearing denims and khakis, and mind you all originals no duplicate business.

The economic and financial position of a common man, or say a person with average income, is compelling to him to choose, less qualitative products. And there are many other factors that are responsible for such compromise, a bachelor with no responsibilities can think of buying an apple iPod or say No. 1, branded computer or opt to buy a tab instead of a simple mobile. Whereas, if a married person, or a person with responsibilities and dependent people to be taken care of, may think of opting for a standard brand or a simple one, instead of looking for the best one.

The difference is that, he cannot think of himself alone, he has to think of the people dependent on him, and he is accountable to them, for their future. Can you say that he doesn’t like qualitative products, that is not true. So, it would be wrong to say that Indians are less quality concerned, in my opinion Indians are more people concerned, and because of the love they have for them they are money concerned.


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