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Sep 29, 2012

Educational Qualification for Politicians?

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For every, job right from an attender in the bank, or offices, to the collector everybody needs educational qualification. Then why do we think that a person responsible for the people of a nation, progress of a nation, does not need educational qualification. This theory may have worked in the old days because the politicians then were, honest to themselves, their duty and to the people.

Because of that reason, it was ok to have a person without educational qualification to be a politician. But now the things are entirely different, only those who are selfish and the corrupt mostly are there as politicians, they think of themselves all the time and think hardly about people any time. The tragic part of it is that many of them does not know the value of the post they are holding, and hardly have any knowledge education wise, relevant to the post they are holding.

A person holding the position of a finance minister should have knowledge about the financial issues concerning the nation and he should be able to take decisions that lead the nation on a progressive way. If he is educated and has the kind of knowledge in the required field then it will help him, to do justice to his job. What is important is not only does a person holding ministry should have education, but they should have relevant education concerning the post they are holding.

Minimum educational qualification should be made compulsory for the politicians and those working in responsible positions, such as home ministry, finance, and others should be trained or educated, in depth, regarding their particular field. So, educational qualification is not only a must, but they should have more knowledge than anyone else. So, that they can make better decisions and take the nation towards a progressive path.


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