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Sep 22, 2012

Effect of Mails and Twitter on Work Environment

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A recent case report, shared a story of a medical resident, who was using her cell phone to input data about the dosage of a patient, she was attending. She was interrupted with a text message from a friend inviting her to a party. The resident replied and started a conversation. The only problem was, she forgot to get back to her patient, who then began receiving a near-fatal dose of the medicine. Open-heart surgery saved his live.

I believe this example is enough to prove, how the access to mails, messages, twitters effect the work environment, especially in a profession like Medical. There are many other fields where the usage of these facilities or access to these facilities hampers the work environment and has severe consequences. All round us we find people, on computers, phones, tabs what not everyone is busy connecting with someone on electronic mediums.

The problem is not with these facilities or their access. The problem lies with the people who are using these facilities. These are the mediums that we can use, for the betterment of the people and for the good of the people. But we should know, and have the knowledge as to where to use it and when can we use it. Access to these facilities, during work definitely hampers the quality of the work and will be the main cause for distraction.

There are some professions or jobs, where in the usage of the facilities are a part of job and work cannot be done without these. Such cases are exceptional, but the rest of the people, should by themselves, judge as to how far it is reasonable to use or access these facilities during the work hours. Because all these are meant for the benefit and good of the people, but not to be used otherwise.

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  1. Very true. It is imperative to create a balance between our professional and social lives and not mix up the two.