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Sep 15, 2012

Ethics in Business Are Just Passing Fade

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If we ask someone from the business field today, they will say these words won’t blend together. Business and ethics, two different worlds, Yes, that is what business has become today. This kind of stuff used to work once upon a time but not today, may be these will be the kind of answers we get from self centered business people. People who can compromise on anything, for profits in the business.

In today’s business world, what matters most is how much you have earned, or how much profit did you make at the end of the year, by what means no one is bothered, compromising on what factors, no one is bothered. Just the percentage of profit or may be the name of the company in the fortune five hundred, or may be the name of the entrepreneur in the world’s most wealthy people this is what, matters to most of the business people now a days.

Ethics in business are for those people, who care or bother to think about the welfare of the people. There is absolutely no doubt that, at the end of the day, why a person would do business would be to generate profit. But in that process, there are things which should be done and which should not be done, there are things to compromise on, and there are things which you cannot compromise on.

Times may change, thinking of the people may change, but there are certain things, which stood the test of the time, and if followed, would take you on the path of success and inner contentment at the end. Every profession has some ethics to be followed, and no one can ever imagine a profession or field without ethics. All the successful people in the business, exemplary people, people who have raised business empires, have followed ethics and stick to them till the end and left them, to their heirs, to follow them and benefit by them.

So, when people realize the value of business driven by ethics, definitely, everyone would follow it, and implement it in business, for the benefit of all.


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