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Sep 27, 2012

Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which Is Better At Work?

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There are many kinds of companies, manufacturing units, organizations in the society. We cannot say that, either the fixed timings are better or flexible timings. It depends on the companies or organizations requirement of work, and according to that, they plan the timings of work. Previously most of the work environments were in public sector, so the timing of typical 9 to 5 used to work.

Today things are entirely different, the organizations are different, needs are different, so timings are again different. Especially because of globalization, and growth in it and ITES sector is, major responsible for change in traditional time set from 9 to 5. People sitting in India work for clients in U. S and U. K and parts of the world and they have to be available to them at their work hours so the necessity for night shifts and evening shifts.

It all depends on the company and the individual as to what kind of, timings are better at work. The company should not suffer because of the timings and the people working for the company should not also be at stake. So it is all dependent on the individual and the companies’ decision as to what works best for both. Flexible timings in context are beneficial to some companies and some kinds of work not the regular or routine ones.

In case of individuals, each person’s life situation is different and needs are different. So we cannot say that p particular kind of timing either fixed or flexi is best for any one, as per the time, situation and need, sometimes flex will be better and sometimes fixed. It is all variant there cannot be any fixed solution in this matter. Which is better is dependent on time, need, person and organization.


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