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Sep 2, 2012

Has the caste system completely ruined us?

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Any doubts? Well, in various fields caste system has played different roles, but all only on the negative side. This is definitely one of the biggest reasons, behind country’s lack of development and progress. It is because of this caste system that the merit students and students with real capabilities are left behind, in the race of securing seats or jobs. One really wonders as to what justice, this caste system has done and to whom. But it definitely has ruined many students’ lives, students who are meritorious and talented, but are left behind because of caste factor.

This is in relation to students, and, when it comes to politics, it has a major role to play and is the deciding factor for confirming candidate’s seat, which caste does he belong to, or which religion he belongs to, how many votes he can secure, if contesting from what place? This is the sole deciding factor now a days, nothing else, not the eligibility of the candidate, background, character; nothing matters in front of this.

This caste system has penetrated so badly into the minds of the people that now a days we find there are separate organizations and communities, formed in the name of the each caste. Shame on us, the great people, of a secured country, who keep boasting about our unity and integrity. Now a day’s people prefer going to the doctor or a professional for assistance to a person belonging to their own caste, why? Because, he may offer them a discount or do a favor on the basis of caste, need, is not criteria for helping, it is the caste that has become a criteria to offer a helping hand and to lift one up, our fellow human being, this is the way people have started thinking, and such is the ill effect of the caste system.

If our country should prosper and citizens should prosper, we should leave behind our caste system, stop misusing it, and should develop evolved thinking, a sort of thinking that benefits what is right and what is good. Only then, do we, have a right to call ourselves, true citizens of this country, and only then do we as citizens have a right to point out our fingers at others let them be politicians or any other persons.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you, I am one of the victim. because of caste, I am not getting any help from other caste, my caste people are very less in number. other caste are very ignorant on my achievements, still my marriage is not happening because of this goddamn caste system. I curse every day. I am fed up, actually I have experienced your e.g. people going to same caste doctor, I have seen deep caste favoritism is happening in companies and neighborhood surroundings.