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Sep 14, 2012

How should Common Man Deal with High Oil Prices?

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This is kind of issue, that has lead to the fall down of many governments and lead to many protests by the public and various parties, but strangely, no solution could ever be made out. There are various reasons as to why the oil prices keep increasing. But the point is, how a common man, can cope up, with the ever increasing oil prices.

The budget for the fuel, is ever increasing, but not the pay check, so what’s the solution. If possible, the best way to reduce the fuel budget is to depend on the public transport system, all that you need to do is to start a bit early from the home, and take a few minutes’ walk. There are buses operating, and share autos moving in and around all the major places with in the city.

If you have good relations with your team members or co workers or peers, you can team up with someone near to your living place, and go with him or her in their vehicle, you can share their fuel expenses, this way, you will save some money on transport or fuel, they will save their money and both will travel in comfort.

If you are not comfortable with any of the options, and want to use your own vehicle, ok. But you can keep its usage to the minimum, only from office to home and home to office. When going to other places, where there are no, should be in time problems, you can use public transport. Now a days we have got so used to using vehicle that even to go the end our street we use vehicle, we can stop doing this.

For nearby places we can go by walk, good for health and good for pocket. Or you can share your fuel expenses by taking along with you, one of your peers and asking him to share the fuel expenses, this way both are at profit.

Last, but not the least, keep praying to God that some day for the benefit of common man, fuel prices will go down. Not a bad idea. So, keep going Guys.


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