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Sep 6, 2012

How smart classes taking grip to all schools

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By Jyoti Parida

The days are gone when we were used to learn our lessons with the help of chalk and blackboard. Now the days are different and everything is being more improved and latest technology is coming. So the smart class is also one of the results of our latest technology.

Smart class is the latest way of technology and Educomp is pioneer in this field in India. Smart class brings in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. It is being taught by software and shown to you with projectors in classroom. Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. By this means learning for students becomes easy and enjoyable also.

The program enabled teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D images and video clips in addition to the chalk and talk methods of teaching in classroom. The smart class content repository consists of thousands of animated, lessons specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively impart the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners.

The smart class TM program uses technology to make a different classroom experience. A knowledge center set up at the school acts as the nerve-centre of the network. It is connected through campus-wide network to the existing class rooms that simply turn into ETECs (Educomp Technology Enabled Class rooms).

The smart classes have enabled many schools to offer their students a simpler way of teaching. The results of this audio visual smart class are really effective. Jaipur this is the city where every school is having smart classes and those who don’t are on the track to have it. They have maintained a proper balance between both the classroom method and the virtual means of education.

 In Bangalore a school named Mary Immaculate High School was facing difficulties in getting desired academic performance. The text books and the well trained teachers are not enough to improve their performance. Then the school looked out for a innovative way to face the problem then they found it in the form of Smart class, a technology which make the students understand their tasks easily. When volunteers of Sister Rose Memorial Education Resource Centre (SRMERC), Valiathura, decided to introduce the smart class learning system on a trial basis for the students of 10th standard, they had no idea about the coming change.

On the same year the results of this non-governmental organization was outstanding. All the students managed to score above 60 percent, 10 among them scored 80 percent. The strange thing about these children was that they belong to the poor fisherman families and without having any luxury like coaching or special care they have got success. Chief minister Narendra Modi has also launched a smart class project in govt primary school of Vataman village of Ahmadabad district.

The main benefit of this smart class, it is beneficial to all types of students in the school. Some feel comfortable with the audio and some with the visual or we can say the practical methods. Smart class is not limited like the text books but it provides a vast knowledge on the subject from any background. So in the future we can hope that smart class will really hold the grip of the student for a smart future.

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