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Sep 11, 2012

In India more money is spent in advertising than on quality of the product

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Yes, because people believe that, to survive in today’s competitive world, it is a must people should remember the product, hear more about it and see more about a product, if it needs to be sold or purchased. So all the importance is given to the advertisement of a product, than to improve the quality of the product. Every day the market is flooded with new kind of products, people have wide choice, either in quality or in quantity. So, it has become natural to give more importance to advertising.

If we look back to the olden days, there were few products to choose from and those that were there in the market were qualitative products, people had no second thoughts in their minds to choose a product. The company or the organizations offering products also stood up to the expectations of the people. But things are quiet different now, today there is cut throat competition, in every field and even more in the fields concerning the sales of the products.

If there is any thing that matters, it is how the products would move in the market and how sales can be achieved and profits generated. And for all this to happen, the product should be more and more in the memory of the consumer, the more in his eyes and ears the product will be, the more the sales will be. This formula is right, the consumer purchases a product once on a trial basis, after seeing or hearing an add. But he will come back to buy the same product, only when he is satisfied with the quality. This is the ground truth, advertising does help sales of a product for the first time or in the initial stages, but if one is looking for a long term sales of a product, definitely, quality is what matters.

So, people looking for long term business need to concentrate on quality and people looking for initial business should concentrate on advertising.


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