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Sep 26, 2012

Indian Villages - Our Strength or Our Weakness?

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It is in the villages that we can see real India. It is because of the people in the villages, that our nativity and culture is still alive. People living in cities, though coming from various cultural backgrounds. Get easily carried away by the city culture and lose their nativity all in the name of development and modern thought and modern way of living. If there is still some culture left, and some nativity left, it is in the villages only.

People in the villages, give respect to the cultural and religious values. They are, open frank and straight forward people, and no way compared to the diplomacy of the cities and their people. Honey dripping words outside and contaminated thoughts and feelings inside. If looked at it this way, our villages are the torch bearers of our cultural and religious heritage that we are so proud of. And if these are still some cultural heritage and nativity left it is because of them.

The other way round, if look at the villages, from the point of view of development, even till date there are many villages in India, deprived of the minimum facilities like, water, sanitation etc. Villagers are facing many crises, especially the life of farmers has very miserable, as it is evident from the number of farmers committing suicide, every year. Even weavers, are facing so many problems, problems marketing the garments, and problems in getting the right price for the garments.

There are hardly any village even today, where water is available, current is available and medical facilities are available. Villagers are deprived of all the comforts of the modern world, and live far away from leading a comfortable life. They strive hard to fulfill the bare necessities. So, if we look from the point of view of cultural and religious heritage, villages are our strength, and when we look at them from the point of view of development in all the areas, or at least in the minimum areas, they are our weakness.


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