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Sep 8, 2012

Is the Middle Class in India Becoming Increasingly Materialized?

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Left with no other option, yes, middles class people are definitely becoming more materialized than ever. And surprisingly, still their life style needs and necessities, keeps increasing, but never decrease. Reason, ever increasing standard of living, and ‘never’ increasing salaries. The pace at which the prices of commodities, vegetables, and fuel are increasing, hardly can a middle class person sleep peacefully.

Right from, house rent, electricity, you name it and everything is on a hike except salary, what option they are left with. Though they are becoming materialized, their standard still remains same, Middle Class. The lower class, live happily with whatever they get, they earn on a daily basis and they live for today, and every person in the home does some work or the other and is a earning member, so they have no problem.

The higher class, have no problem, their income levels are high and they can spare enough to invest, and save, so standard of living, increase in prices have a little or no effect on them. Left are the middle class people, always in the middle of everything, they can neither climb up, nor climb down, they always struggle in the middle. They can neither dare do anything and any kind of work like the lower class to increase income, nor can invest and save like the upper or higher class.

They are stuck in false prestige and sentiments that do not benefit them or allow them to grow. There is only one person working in the home and the others dependent, how can ever one expect any kind of growth. The single salary is not sufficient to meet the needs, and there is no other alternative source of income, what will happen to that person taking responsibility? What else can he think of except money and needs to meet? So, if middle class is become increasingly materialized, there is valid and genuine reason behind it. But, if becoming so is helping them prosper or helping them live better, is a question better answered by them alone.


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