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Sep 3, 2012

Is over Population Really a Boon for us?

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There are always, two ways of looking at a thing, one is positive, and the other negative. Over population is a boon when it is considered, in some ways. Recent studies have shown that, India is the largest country, which has more number of youngsters or youth, in high ratio, and therefore holds lot of potential, for growth and development, in all areas and fields. If considered this way, yes it is definitely a boon for us.

If we take the recent example, in Olympics, there were more number of Chinese, competing and winning medals. We, though highly populated, could make it for only few. If people don’t run after only particular courses or professions, which yield high income, and instead, show interest in other areas also, apart from studies and professions, definitely our country is bound to progress and develope by leaps, population is again a boon this way.

Parents should also encourage their children to pursue new careers and fields, which offer great scope for development at the individual level and otherwise also. Fields such as research, sports, and technological innovations, there are many other fields’ music, dance, written skills, we just need to open our eyes to new opportunities, and they are there. If looked in this way, definitely population is a boon each person exploring new fields of development, and each one, with new innovative ideas.

But, as said, anything in excess is always dangerous, and poses negative consequences. So is this matter, anywhere on the earth when the population becomes excess and the natural resources such as Water, Food, Place to live in remain same, there will definitely arise a situation where in shortage of these things will be felt. And if things are like this, there will definitely arise a situation, where people with in the country will start fighting for these things. Already we can see states fighting for water and other natural resources.

This is a matter concerning not only our own country, just imagine, if in the world, all the countries would be highly or over populated, what will happen. Then countries would start fighting with each other for what not everything. So, one way population is a boon, but it has its own dangers to pose when it becomes over.


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