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Sep 30, 2012

Manufacturing Industry: Can India be a World-Class Player?

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Well, quality is the main criteria, when it comes to manufacturing industry. And to compete with other nations, globally, our standard of manufacturing needs to be at that level. We have various constrains when it comes to manufacturing, technology, resources and talent all these factors do play a very important role, in manufacturing.

The quality standards are very high, when it comes to international market. We have to increase our level of quality, to the international standards, to compete with them and to beat them. We need to study the international market, its trends, take a look at the number one in the world, may be in technology and electronics or in any field. We need to study them, take their experience and knowledge, and learn from them.

The main point is we should not compromise on the standards, when it comes to manufacturing. Any one person who is selfish and does something that affects the quality of the manufactured goods and the reputation of the whole industry and the country will be at stake. We should always aim at setting new standards, that other will like to emulate. But now we are in such a stage that it is hard to find a manufacturing unit that maintains the minimum standards.

So, first of all, our thinking should evolve from narrow selfish reasons to thinking of increasing our standards to global level. We should train ourselves. Empower ourselves, with the necessary technical skill and knowledge so that we can give the best, when it comes to manufacturing. There is nothing wrong in learning, what is good and best in others, we should get inspiration from the best in the industry, learn from them apply our own knowledge and skill for its betterment and progress. Then one day definitely, we will be able to reach global standards.


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