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Sep 21, 2012

New Dove Hair Fall Rescue System

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Mumbai: Hair fall is a grave concern and a common problem for women worldwide, and one that is not openly discussed with friends and family. Excessive loss of hair not only robs women of beautiful looking hair, but also often results in loss of confidence. Even as several studies are conducted into the causes and treatments of hair breakage, a research done globally by Dove revealed that 78% of the hair fall happens from the roots, not due to breakage.

A recent survey by AC Nielson and Dove indicates that 57% of Indian women identify hair fall as their biggest hair problem. Over 77% also stated that they are looking for an alternative solution to keep their hair fall in check. This can be attributed to the fact that most cosmetic treatments available in the market tackle hair breakage further down the shaft; no product treats hairfall from the root.

Made with breakthrough formulation, the new Dove Hair fall Rescue System will reduce damage at the roots and help lock hair firmly in place. Developed after five years of research and technology formulation, this system consisting of an advanced range of shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum and special care products like the Intensive Roots Treatment, provides a complete hair fall treatment that strengthens hair at the root; leaving hair beautiful and strong.

The Difference between Hair Fall from the Root and Hair Breakage

Hair fall due to breakage is caused when little strands of hair break off from the middle. This is characterized by broken and/or blunted ends, and fractured hair with appearance of nodes and knots induced by excessive combing or brushing, natural friction and the use of heat treatments like straighteners and curling irons. While most of us believe that hair found in the sink or shower, on the brush etc is due to breakage, facts and figures revealed through research indicates otherwise - 78% of hair loss is from the root, not breakage.

Explaining the causes for hairfall from the root, Dr. Rohini Wadhwani, Medical Director, Skin Essentials said “Hair growth follows a cyclical pattern; the growth phase (anagen), the transition phase (catagen) and telogen (resting phase). During anagen, the hair fibers are firmly anchored to the hair follicle which is not the case during telogen and it is in this phase that the hair tends to fall. Excessive hair loss from the roots could be due to a variety of reasons and hence, those experiencing hair loss may use a product or a system that will help combat hair fall along with the treatment of the cause or trigger factor if any."

New Breakthrough Unilever Technology: Dove Hair Fall Rescue System The new revolutionary Intensive Roots Treatment containing Trichazole active with Ginseng & Soy protein is a scientifically proven formulation designed to treat hairfall from the root. Trichazole, a ground breaking, patented active ingredient reduces the activity of the proteolytic enzymes, and firmly anchors the hair in place; providing freedom from hairfall. This targeted root action results in visible reduction of hair fall within two weeks. With Dove, you can leave your hair problems behind, forever.


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