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Sep 18, 2012

Social Networking Sites: Good or Bad

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Every coin has both sides, so is the case with social networking sites, in the age of cyber world. If we know how to use, when to use, and what for, there is no greater tool than these social networking sites, those help us to stay connected and communicate whenever we want. Everyone has a social network, business people, students, even people who cause harm to the society, like terrorists, you name a field, or an element whether good or bad it has a social network. It is up to the person, as to what for he is using these social networking sites. Good and bad results depend on the ways and purpose of the usage of these websites.

Resent a survey has shown that social networking is the cause for bringing down the output at the work place. It all depends on the people, as to how they are using. Social networking sites are good from the view point that, it is helping is stay connected with all the friends globally. You can access the world at the tip of your finger by joining these social media sites; you can voice your opinion to a vast number of people. You can make infinite number of friends.

Social networking sites are quiet good and so many people and organizations are benefiting in innumerable ways, by using these. But the people who use it should have knowledge, and discrimination, as to what for they are using. Using social networking sites, during working hours hampers the productivity of the organization, and your own performance level goes down. Usage of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc., by the students during the study hours hampers their studies, and they get diverted to unnecessary things.

You may find so many numbers of people just spending their time, doing nothing but simply passing time, on these social networking sites. They are not only wasting their time but they are also distracting or diverting other peoples’ valuable time and energies towards unnecessary activity, they can use that time productively and constructively either to their benefit or for the benefit of the society.

So, social networking sites are great tools that you can use either constructively or destructively. It all depends on us, so next time you are into it just watch out what are you using it for, and if it does good, or benefit either to you or anyone else.


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