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Sep 7, 2012

The Maximum Class Size Should Not Exceed Thirty Students In

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‘Too much of anything is good for nothing’ very apt quote in this context. The number of pupils or students should not exceed thirty in a class is a very valid suggestion. If the number of students in the class room increases, teachers will not be able to monitor the progress of students, properly. And it will also become difficult to know about and guide each student according to his or her standard.

If the number of students will be limited to thirty, in each class, teachers can give more attention to students, and take care of their studies in an appropriate manner. Encouraging large number of students to be admitted in each class is beneficial to none, neither the students nor the teachers or the school. The more the number of students increases, it becomes a difficult task for the teachers to regulate them or to control them.

If they are focusing on the bunch of students in front, they don’t know what is happening at the back, and becomes even more impossible, to know if they are following the subject. Or, if they are able to understand the subject, what difficulty they are facing if any. Teachers will not be able to do, all these things, if the students out number thirty in each class. Not each student will be the same in the class. Each students IQ differs, level of understanding and communicating differs.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to know in what way students will be better able to understand the subject, if presented or taught in what way. If they should be able to do this giving individual attention to each student is very important and is a must. And in order to do this, the students should be limited, and thirty is a good number to be taken care of. So, the bottom line is limiting thirty number of students to each class, is beneficial to students, and teachers would be able to play their role better, and do justice to their job, in this case.


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