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Sep 6, 2012

We are Unable to Fight War against Child Labour

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Though Government has made laws, to eradicate child labour, to what extent it has been successful we all know. There are separate departments even, entrusted with the responsibility to take care of this but to what extent the department is sincere, in discharging its duties, the evidence is the results. Laws are in their place, departments are there to take action, but still, things are going the same way, they have ever been.

When we step out of the house, we see, child labour working in hotels, mechanic workshops, and many other places. Those who make them work, feel that they are supporting their families, by giving employment. Parents, who make them work, feel, if he will work he will earn some income for the family, what he will do studying. This is how the vicious and endless circle goes on.

Where does the root cause lie? Same old answer, poverty and ever raising prices and standard of living. These are the factors that are making parents willingly or unwillingly, to make their children work as child labour. If schemes are implemented to remove these things, then maybe we can expect a decrease in the number of child labour. Taking action against business people are employers who are employing child labour is not a solution to the problem, our focus should be on the parents, and to know what factors are forcing them to do so.

If we can convince parents of these children, educate them, and provide them with alternatives for income, then we can eradicate this problem. We as responsible citizens, should not, to our extent encourage this practice, and stop employing children. If these steps are taken, and the responsible department also takes up the responsibility, sincerely and takes, necessary action, and functions properly as it should, then there will no more be any child labor.


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